Canada List - Year End Awards

Well folks due to an unforseen event I had time to write up this list of award winners and pass them on to you.

As the year draws to a close we here at the Canada List feel obligated to give out several awards to certain individuals based on a multitude of things. The awards cover many topics and area's of interest. Some of the recipients you may know personally, some you may know. Others you may never have heard of. I present to you the 1997 Canada List End of the Year Awards

1997 Canada List End of the Year Awards

Honorary Award

Deborah Coltvet receives the honorary award for being Canadian


Best Province

Nova Scotia


Worst Canadian

Alex Trabeck - Why would you renounce Canadian citizenship


Get Over Yourself Awards

(this award is given to those who are full of themselves)

Deion Sanders

Michael Irvin

Jane (CFCT)

Jeremy High (Pepper's employee)

Newt Gingrich


Craziest Person of the Year



Canada doesn't like you Either Awards

Carl Bock

Trenton Kerr


Best Movie of the Year



Actor of the Year

Allen Thicke - Hey he's from Canada


Best Board Game

Trivial Pursuit - Made in Canada



Man of the Year

Paul Modderman



No. 1 Listserv of the Year

The Canada List



I hope you enjoy these awards and congratulations to everyone that received one. Remember the Canada List will start up Dec. 15