Canada List - Dec. 15th (Grand Opening)

Who says the Canada List is all humor. To kick of this first regular list we have left out all of the humor. Well almost all of it. I think that all of you (especialy the ladies) will like this send out very much. Enjoy.


Top 10 Reasons for Being Canadian:


1. It beats being an American

2. Only country to successfully invade the US and burn its capital to the ground

3. You can play hockey 12 months a year, outdoors

4. Only country to successfully invade the US and burn its capital to the ground

5. Where else can you travel 1000 miles over fresh water in a canoe?

6. A political leader can admit to smoking pot and his/her popularity ratings will rise

7. Only country to successfully invade the US and burn its capital to the ground

8. Kill Grizzly bears with huge shotguns and cover your house in their skins

9. Own-an-eskimo scheme

10. Only country to successfully invade the US and burn its capital to the ground


The Rose


"John Blanchard stood up from the bench, straightened his Army uniform, and studied the crowd of people making their way through Grand Central Station. He looked for the girl whose heart he knew, but whose face he didn't, the girl with the rose.

His interest in her had begun thirteen months before in a Florida library. Taking a book off the shelf he found himself intrigued, not with the words of the book, but with the notes penciled in the margin. The soft handwriting reflected a thoughtful soul and insightful mind. In the front of the book, he discovered the previous owner's name, Miss Hollis Maynell. With time and effort he located her address. She lived in New York City. He wrote her a letter introducing himself and inviting her to correspond. The next day he was shipped overseas for service in World War II. During the next year and one month the two grew to know each other through the mail. Each letter was a seed falling on a fertile heart. A romance was budding. Blanchard requested a photograph, but she refused. She felt that if he really cared, it wouldn't matter what she looked like. When the day finally came for him to return from Europe, they scheduled their first meeting - 7:00 PM at the Grand Central Station in New York. "You'll recognize me," she wrote, "by the red rose I'll be wearing on my lapel." So at 7:00 he was in the station looking for a girl whose heart he loved, but whose face he'd never seen.

I'll let Mr. Blanchard tell you what happened:

A young woman was coming toward me, her figure long and slim. Her blonde hair lay back in curls from her delicate ears; her eyes were blue as flowers. Her lips and chin had a gentle firmness, and in her pale green suit she was like springtime come alive. I started toward her, entirely forgetting to notice that she was not wearing a rose. As I moved, a small, provocative smile curved her lips. "Going my way, sailor?" she murmured. Almost uncontrollably I made one step closer to her, and then I saw Hollis Maynell. She was standing almost directly behind the girl. A woman well past 40, she had graying hair tucked under a worn hat. She was more than plump, her thick-ankled feet thrust into low-heeled shoes.

The girl in thegreen suit was walking quickly away. I felt as though I was split in two,so keen was my desire to follow her, and yet so deep was my longing for the woman whose spirit had truly companioned me and upheld my own. And there she stood. Her pale, plump face was gentle andsensible, her gray eyes had a warm and kindly twinkle. I did not hesitate. My fingers gripped the small worn blue leather copy of the book that was to identify me to her. This would not be love, but it would be something precious, something perhaps even better than love, a friendship for which I had been and must ever be grateful. I squared my shoulders and saluted and held out the book to the woman, even though while I spoke I felt choked by the bitterness of my disappointment. "I'm Lieutenant John Blanchard, and you must by Miss Maynell. I am so glad you could meet me; may I take you to dinner?" The woman's face broadened into a tolerant smile. "I don't know what this is about, son," she answered, "but the young lady in the green suit who just went by, she begged me to wear this rose on my coat. And she said if you were to ask me out to dinner, I should go and tell you that she is waiting for you in the big restaurant across the street. She said it was some kind of test!" It's not difficult to understand and admire Miss Maynell's wisdom. The true nature of a heart is seen in its response to the unattractive. "Tell me whom you love," Houssaye wrote, "And I will tell you who you are..""


Right Now......

-somebody is thinking of you

-somebody is caring about you.

-somebody misses you.

-somebody wants to talk to you.

-somebody wants to be with you .

-somebody hopes you are not in trouble.

-somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.

-somebody wants to hold your hand.

-somebody is praying for you.

-somebody hopes everything turns out right.

-somebody wants you to be happy.

-somebody wants you to find him/her.

-somebody IS him/her

-somebody is celebrating your successes.

-somebody wants to give you a gift.

-somebody thinks you are a gift.

-somebody wants to hug you.

-somebody loves you.

-somebody admires your strength.

-somebody is thinking of you smiling.

-somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.

-somebody wants to kiss you

-somebody wants to protect you.

-somebody would do anything for you.

-somebody wants to laugh with you all night long.

-somebody remembers you fondly and wishes that you were there.

-somebody is praising God for you.

-somebody values your advice.

-somebody wants to stay up all night watching old movies with you

-somebody wants to share your dreams with you.

-somebody wants to hold you in their arms.

-somebody treasures your spirit.

-somebody can't wait to see you.

-somebody loves you for who you are.

-somebody loves the way you make them feel.

-somebody praises God for your friendship and love.

-somebody knows that you can be who/what ever you wish to be.

Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of life, we neglect our friends, and these little things that are friendships. These things are precious, as are our friends. They are forever; Do Not let them them go.



Cool Fact -

What type of currency could simply be broken up to make change?


Tea bricks, made of pressed tea leaves and wood shavings, could be broken up into pieces to make change!

These bricks weighed about 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) and were worth about one Indian rupee at the end of the 18th century. Tea bricks were used as a form of currency in China for almost 1000 years, and were still being issued by Asian banks well into the 19th century. ___________________________________________________________________

Useless Fact -


Useless Fact of the Week is:

In the Middle Ages, the highest court in France ordered the execution of a cow for injuring a human.


Weekly Humorscope

Aries (March 21 - April 19)


Good day to put strange labels on your binders and file cabinets, such as "launch codes", "who's been naughty", or "Snerge". This will be quite effective in distracting visitors, so they will often forget what ever they were preparing to bother you about.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)


Remember: loose lips sink ships. The really strange thing is, nobody's ever been able to explain to me why ships have lips in the first place, especially if they're that risky.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


You will attain your dream of having your own cooking show, but it will become tiresome when you have to battle your way past people dressed as chickens to get into the studio each day.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)


Due to minor lymph-node infection, several dangerous toxins will shortly be released into your bloodstream. Not to worry. You'll survive, and the only permanent brain damage will involve an enthusiasm for polka music.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)


You're in luck! What you thought was existential nausea is really only a mild case of salmonella poisoning. So you can sell back that Complete Works of Jean-Paul Sartre.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


A creature from the 7th dimension will become attached to your leg, and will be impossible to remove. Eventually, you'll simply get used to it.


Libra (September 22 - October 22)


Uh oh. The cows have come home, and the fat lady is about to sing. Better come up with some new excuses, quick! You can do that while you're coping with the unpleasant result of the cows coming home.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


Unleash the power you have chained inside you! Just don't let it make those annoying "yip yip yip" sounds or pee on the lawn, this time.


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)


You've just finished something, but you're starting to wonder if it would be better if you tried it another way. Forget it -- that way, madness lies.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)


Remember: Unexpressed feelings don't die. They are buried alive and emerge later as Border Collies. So don't hold anything back! Tell everyone what you REALLY think of them! You may lose your job, family and friends, but you won't have a crazed, hyperactive animal hounding your every step.


Aquarius (January 21 - February 18)


You will realise soon that you've missed your true calling in life -- that of a New Vaudevillian, a theatrical marvel of the Age of Cable. Starting as "Professor Snibble and the Yodelling Pigs!", you'll rapidly achieve notoriety, and (much later, with a different act) respectability.


Pisces (February 19 - March 20)


When you were young, your heart was an open book. You used to say "live and let live". But if this ever-changing world, which we live in, makes you give it a miss, say "live and let die". Or something.



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