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The Canada List is a mailing list that is sent out at least once a week, but if you decide to subscribe don't be surprised if you get more than that. It was once called the Canada Fact List and sent to a group of people that the administrator of the list considered friends and still does. He sent out interesting facts about the great country of Canada. After a time the list expanded and became the Canada List. It now sends out a variety of interesting things. Humor, interesting stories, inspirational messages, and anything that catches our eye as something that isn't typical for the internet, and of course the occational Canada Fact. Everyone currently on the list has nothing, but good things to say about it.

All you have to do to subscribe to the list is fill in the information below and sit the Subscribe button. You will recieve a personal confirmation that your message has been recieved. It's that simple. Now for some reason if you don't want to continue to recieve the list just send an e-mail and say so. It's that simple. So if you want to laugh, learn, or just get more mail send in your address and get on the fastest growing list around.

-- JNB - Canada Administrator

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