The Canada List Mission Statement

We here at the Canada List have come up with the following to let you the public know what we stand for and what our goals for the Canada List and it's home page are. Even though I am the only one writing this I have confered with my colleges and they all agree on what is said here.

Since the beginning of the Canada Fact List we have had, but one goal in mind. To inform more people about the Great country of Canada. Since that time the List has changed and been modified to send out a wide veriety of things. All of which still expand peoples minds. Now we admit that some of the stuff that is expanding your minds may be crap, but none the less we are expanding your minds.

We here at the list believe in strong Canadian values. We think that the government should run everything. In fact we think that the government should be so big that everybody can have a chance to work for it. We feel that Canada should take over the USA and form it into a more perfect society like itself. In fact Nostradomus even predicted Canada comming to power. His vision was as follows. "A great country to the north of the new world will swoop down and begin an era of enlightenment." Now you can't get much better than that.

As for the future of the list we have several ideas. We hope to expand someday to an accuall list server so that we can send out more copies of the list. We will also add more people to the staff and expand the sorts of things that we send out. Perhaps have a few contests that the list members can participate in. Until then keep reading.


-- Nick