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From: Jasper B. Biggley -- President and CEO World Wide Wickets Incorporated.

The Canada List is certainly a vital component of my online experience. The straight forward way in which information is presented coupled with an efficiently designed Web page make it a must for all Canada Buffs.

From: Curious George -- Monkey Business

Oh my gosh. I have never seen a better web site. I was a little curious, so I signed myself up for the list right away and now I'm laughing and learning from one source. I don't think that this Canada List thing could possible get any better. I'm going to go tell the man in the yellow hat about it right now.

From: Bob Dole -- Former Senate Majority Leader (Currently a couch potato)

Bob Dole was surfing that web thing when he came across the Canada List Home Page one day and loved it. Bob Dole instantly signed up for the Canada List and started to laugh his ass off at all the funny things that Bob Dole got in his mailbox. Plus with all the interesting facts Bob Dole gets about Canada, he's thinking of running for office there.

From: A Concerned Skim Milk Fan

Hi Canda web page.......I was wondering if you have any facts about what kind of milk they most prefer in Canada. Cause me and all of my friends think that Canada is a great country and hope to live there someday but we all agreed that we just don't think we could bring ourselves to do it if they drink anything other than skim milk. Any suggestions or information concerning this milk dilemma would be much appreciated.

Response: First of all I worry about someone that is this concerned about something as meager as milk, but I still did some reasearch on the subject for you and came up with the following. Canada is similair to the United States when it comes to milk consumption. They prodominately drink 2% milk, with skim milk coming in second. So yes you can drink skim milk in Canada, but you will probally have a little while to wait before it will beat out the better 2% milk.

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