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The Canada List started many years ago when my great grandfather decieded that America was going to shit. So he started to research for the perfect country to try to follow in example. To his surprise it ended up being America's neighbor to the north. Canada. Instantly he started to send out massive mailing to people that he didn't know (some give him credit for starting up the junk mail business) so that they could learn interesting facts about the great country of Canada. Many people hated the mailings and cursed out my great grandfather, but in his heart he knew what he was doing was right. After several years of mailings people got so tired of him that he was hung in the town square, but he had a son, who had a son, who had me. When I learned of the history of my family, I felt it was my duty of send out the Canada List. With the enlisted help of some of my friends we will turn the list into something great

Information -

The Canda List has undergone some changes recently. Rather than send out little bits of things here and there, it has been decided that members will now recieve a mailing once a week. This mailing will contain the best of the best that we have found through out the week. Content will range from humor to history to completely off the wall. So if you want to have a comlpletely new experience on the net sign up with the form below.

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That's all there is to it. Plan on recieving your first mailing soon.

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